Foodie spl..


I have a voracious Appetite for food
Love to live and enjoy life…

Without caring about how many calories I put on…
To be honest if you don’t enjoy whats the point..
“Happiness is in the moment not in the future “


That’s Mr. Chocolate bloodbath for you 🙂 It was written RIP at the end of the delicacy description in the menu..

It was sacharine sweet and satiating.. The sundae was a mixture of chocolate fudge, mousse, nutties, whipped cream and chocolate icecream and chococolaye cakes..

I felt I was in Charlie’s chocolate factory..

The ego lusts for satisfaction and doesn’t see whats good for it. The most challenging aspect to conquer !!

Same dilemma happened to me.. I couldn’t finish the sundae even though it was delectable and had a friend to help me eat it.. It was way more sweet on my palate than I can handle at one go.

My stomach was telling me to stop but my mind was telling me to finish it as if you don’t eat the last spoon of any dish, it follows bad luck (my own belief)


Signing off as the ‘Happy-go-lucky dessert predator’



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