Some sensible gibberish..:


I came across this line in one of Murakami’s novels.
“I love a magnificent falsehood more than an impoverished truth.”

I have never heard of this guy called Roger Vadim, a French director but apparently he stated the above line which all might have re-read to ingest the adjectives he used to describe two polarities. That is what caught my eye.

Truth is ridden with cliches making it look ‘impoverished’. But make-believe stories have the necessary ingredients to spark your curiosity, hence, ‘magnificent’.

Who killed the mouse ?
A cat. Who wouldn’t know afterall that’s the truth.. But how about a human who metamorphosed himself into a cat to kill his adversary – Jerry The irksome mouse.
Isn’t that more interesting to hear ?

What is a tangential discussion ? When the conversation veers off the topic and goes at a versatile angle which is mostly unrelated to the main topic under purview.

What if a tangential discussion meant something about circles and how tangents make them seem exciting and interesting to learn about in geometry ?

Truth becomes redundant inducing disinterest in us to go deep into any matter at hand. By giving it a decorative falsehood that still justifies its presumptions makes the truth seem like a discovery.
Truth always is unnoticeable owing to its assertive nature. But falsehood never explains itself as it believes in itself by default. It doesn’t seek to affirm anything.

The self-dubious nature of truth is its biggest enemy making falsehood vanquish it.

Believe me or not ? All that I told you so far is likely ‘The Truth’ !


2 thoughts on “Some sensible gibberish..:

  1. David K

    I’m glad you share my appreciation for the fantastic and magical. What is ‘truth’ anyway when life seems so absurd? It’s the reason that realist fiction always felt so insipid for me, and why I’ve always been enraptured by magical realism and by writers like Kafka and Murakami — why write about reality when the surreal is far more interesting and says so much more?

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