Form vs Formless

I’m not trying to sound preachy or Godly. But something I read yesterday caught my attention and made me thinking about formless and form. The book that I am reading is Gora by Rabindranath Tagore.

The supposition was form is limited. The principal character in the book Gora refuted that presumption.
My interpretation of what he expounded was that infinity relies upon limitations to exhibit its abundance. Formless needs form to manifest itself. God needed humans to show his prowess. Hence we humans are a part of God.

Something which is unrevealed cannot attain perfection as per Gora. Just like thoughts need words to assign meaning to them, the Infinite (formless ) requires form to unfold its magnificence.

If formless was perfect it wouldn’t have depended on form to feel the essence of existing. Abstraction needs something tangible for it to be valued.
The argument can also go back to the logic that a soul needs a body (form) to fulfill its desires on earth. Soul in itself is only energy and vibration.
Formless is eternal yet it needs to be transient and come to form in order to experience the beauty of living.


One thought on “Form vs Formless

  1. Raj Krishna

    i believe that formless is quality less, emotion less, sense less, attribute less, limit less, it is both good and evil, absolute…so we just cannot quantify it through human language,sensory perception and not even fully by rationality…of course we all are part of this ultimate reality and ultimate dissolution into it may be the ultimate aim or it might possible that after final dissolution again we will come back because that is the only reality, because actually there is only infinity and nothing else, even finite is actually infinite..

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