The Princess-Ghost Fairy Tale

Wowww must read 🙂 an inspiring story.. an ode to the art of writing… why writers will be always mystical and the richest.. how books create an entire universe

Promise of a Conversation


Long, long ago in a world unbound by the chains of time, there lived a princess on a tiny island at the farthest corner of the world. Her kingdom, her island, stood alone. A wallflower with its crooked triangular shape, an accidental chip that slipped away from the great creator’s chisel and fell among the other perfectly round islands of the archipelago.

The perfect ones had always ignored her and her island, for they were busy with their rubies, diamonds, gold, women and liquor. For them, her crooked island was nothing but a wasteland filled with unmotivated laymen and worthless ideals. But the princess’s island was not a poor one; it too was home to innumerable treasures. It was the sort of richness that only a privileged few could comprehend and yet alone enjoy for hers was a kingdom of books, pages, verses, and phrases where reality and imagination were…

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