An evolutionary biologist said that crying signals vulnerability and it makes you get closer to people and improves relationships.  It is a highly evolved behaviour. How many of us let our guards down ? If all of us did that, this world would be a much more cohesive place.

I felt like crying as I was too overwhelmed by bottling up my feelings for a long time. We all have been taught to curb our feelings and act strong all the time. Maybe it was too much so I just broke up into sobs. Heavy sobs. Tears streamed down my cheeks… the salty tears acted like makeup remover for my mascara and kajal.

But that is something crucial people miss. They miss the relief of washing away all that frustration bothering your peace of mind. They feel crying is weak and there are better ways to destress yourself. Crying is an exercise and cathartic for the soul. It makes you human and helps you bond with people.

When you cry you feel way better. It is like detoxifying your soul and trying to get rid of all those things that are restricting you to be the better version of yourself.


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