Mind the foibles



The mind cannot always be the same. It is sociable at one time and downcast at another. The city of Calcutta is compared to a huge disconsolate dog resting his head on the curled up rear end of his tail in one of the books of Rabindranath Tagore.
Mind is like that sometimes, indifferent and not malleable to mood change.

It has various shades and is adamant on adhering to its state inspite of you goading it to be adaptable to unseeming changes in the atmosphere.

Unlike emotions which are much easier to study and determine their causal effect, moods are difficult to analyze as they are in flux. Moods are mostly associated with fluctuations in emotional phases i.e. ups and downs.

Our moods depend on three pivotal factors

a) External environment- Events control us whethwr we like it or not. They have a say over how we feel.

b) Resilience

c) Predisposition to optimism vs pessimism



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