Journaling isn’t reclusive


I was reading on another blog that journaling is something that is inherent and we often forget its value. It’s not just for the awkward reclusive guy around the corner or a high-school love stricken teenager, it is for everybody out there.
If you have thoughts inside your head gobbling you up, please write. Please consider journaling.

People who lack the connect with others or find it difficult to express themselves, you need to write your heart out.
We cant always vocalize what’s in our mind as it would seem awkward and vulnerable. But once we start writing what we feel, it would be easier to emote.
When we write, we try to look for better words to convey what we want to arrive at. So journaling is also a form of exploring language. It doesn’t have to always mean your everyday mundane experiences. It can be about anything random that you feel like talking about. It doesn’t have to always Dear Diary stuff.

If journaling was an important vocational skill, everyone would be engaging in it. Usually we are all passive thinkers, we need to bring our wandering minds to a state of attention. Journaling does exactly that. Atleast for the moment you are involved in writing, your mind is in the Here and Now. You will realise effortlessly, you are in the present moment. You are actively engaged with your thoughts instead of being just a passerby of your thoughts.

Our intelligence needs stimulation and journaling comes into the foray here. It challenges us to give due to our thinking abilities. If you write, you will feel every thought that enters your kind is productive and has a bearing on your quality of life.


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