Heel plight not delight

Why would anybody in their right mind choose to walk in heels ? I would rather walk barefooted than wear heels. Once Cannes film festival banned heels on red carpet. It was preposterous to force celebs to walk like ostriches in high heels even if they would prefer to wear a flat ballet shoes. Wasn’t that violation of human rights? Grace is synonymous with walking heels. Sorry, grace comes with a person’s personality, they way they carry themselves. An artificial height proffering agent isn’t the key to look graceful. Isn’t walking meant to be comfortable ? I Didn’t know walking should be be made so difficult by wearing heels. Many claim to love heels. Well honestly, they might detest it from within, but feign a smile while striding with one.

Its ok if you trip and fall. That’s acceptable. Donning heels is a must in glamour industry. When wearing heels becomes a compulsion, most girls wish they were animals. They can happily walk with barefoot and not give a qualm to dirtying their feet. Don’t have the need to show their pedicured toenails via peeptoe sandal heels.


One thought on “Heel plight not delight

  1. I wore heels for years in my previous job. I think wearing heels gives women a certain empowerment, it’s the only thing that towers them in this misogynistic society. I read somewhere that Heeled shoes were first invented for aristocratic mean so as not to get their feet dirty. As time wore on wearing heels gave a distinction of class. Over the centuries they become synonymous with women, especially in the fashion industry, where it was pushed to make women look taller, leaner and give sex appeal to the legs and torso.

    Now I wear flats, or nothing at all, not sure I can still walk in heels as I haven’t worn them in so long. My daughters do and I not the attitude changes when they slip them on, it’s like this inner diva is manifested 😉

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