A short story on Moodiness

“Being moody is everyone’s prerogative. Sometimes I feel it helps me to understand my myriad emotions and give them their due.
If I be neutral to everything that happens in life, wouldn’t I be suppressing my latent feelings.”

Rita contemplated on her general disposition on a lazy weekend.
Her friends always commented on her explosive nature and her reactions to trivial remarks from people.
Her mother knocked on the door, “Rita you havent eaten your breakfast. Its laid on the table come soon lest its gets cold.

Im not hungry now, will come later.
Why is something bothering you? Her mom asked as she barged into the room. Should I get it inside your room?

Mom, trust me its nothing. Just a phase. Feeling restless today.

I told you to stop obsessing about what Meena said.
Mom she keeps commenting on my weight all the time. I hate it. When Im thin, most people around me called me skinny.
Now Im healthy, if I weigh an ounce of more.”,people taunt me.

Who are these people ? They are all in your head. Why cant you laugh it off?

You don’t need people to make you feel low or upset. You give them so much importance that whatever they say decides your mood.


One thought on “A short story on Moodiness

  1. Manish

    Rightly put forth.We don’t need people to let us feel low or upset.We give so much importance to them that whatever they say decides our mood.But the problem is not about letting people give a chance to decide our mood.By saying this we make an agreement with ourselves like “I will never be close with anyone so that no one could hurt me again”.Problem is the misunderstanding which they create in their minds by thinking that
    they got a license or a right to alter your moods.Thats why after every pain we go through,we start building a wall of protection so that no one could trespass it.There is nothing wrong in getting close with the people we like.But there should be an understanding like no putting each other down,no judging etc😊.Only by Complying with all these things, we could sow a seed of beautiful friendship😊.

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