Girl online

I am reading this book called Girl Online by   Zoe Sugg. I came across this book in ‘Book Worm’ store located in mg road, Bangalore.

Its about a girl who blogs her feelings online but remains anonymous as she can be herself without having to worry about being judged. She treats the blog like a diary entry and pours out her innermost thoughts and feels better each time she does so..

She mostly blogs about teenage issues related to anxiety and bottled up emotions. But I felt we all have the same issues at any age.

There is a scene where she gets nervous and acts clumsily when her crush asks her out on a lunch date.

It isnt such a big deal that Crushes don’t usually ask you out especially when your longing to be liked by them.

Everything is a phase and life is much bigger than these silly stuff. Of course it sometimes hurt but I realised things arent in your hand.


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