Classy handbag


A woman really feels stark-naked without a handbag. That’s not an exaggeration but true atleast on a subjective note. I bought a handbag recently from the brand Ginger. I’m amused by their quirky digital printed handbags. They are unique. This bag’s foreground print contains a lady donning a yellow boot leg pants. She is wearing a navy blue cardigan and paired with a green top inside. The background of the image in the bag is made of huge chocolate brown bricks. The girl is sitting as if she is imposed on those bricks.
The highlight of the bag was its small pouch like purse that is attached to the backside separately by a hook.

I found it analogous to a baby kangaroo inside its mother’s pouch. The difference being here is that the joey seems as if its piggybacking on its mother rather than cozied up inside her receptacle.

Its definitely not a typical evening bag owing to its big size. Neither is it a portmanteau where it can be used as your main travelling luggage carrier.
However, it is much spacier to carry your daily survival kit including your comb, hankies, mobile phone. If your doing a night over stay at your friend’s place , this bag can come to your aid. You can pack a night’s clothes.

If your going to a flea market for shopping, then again this bag can be your coolie (porter) for several of those clothes from pick up sales and hair clips. It echoes the buoyant disposition of a lady and of course combines elegance too.


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