Blurry vision


Life kicks you in places least expected. Need not be a big blow, but just an imbalance which sets upon you when your overconfident about something in life.

You might have always thought your vision is perfect and have made fun of a guy in your class donning spectacles. But suddenly, you go for camping during your summer vacation, you realise your vision is bit blurry. You assume its due to the foggy weather but it persists.

Your playing pictionary with your camping buddies, it dawns upon you that your not able to see the blackboard clearly from a comfortable distance any normal person with 20/20 sight can do so. Then it pricks you , you need to wear glasses . Eyepower can embark upon you when you think your vision is impenetrable. You play video games on computer the whole day during vacations without blinking an eyelid away from the computer screen.


You go back to school and see the boy in specs. Smile at him and say “Hey, buddy, same pinch. Btw my frame is better than yours.” Lol, now thats your inherent ego which never  goes no matter what happens in life. You gotta leave some residue of that wherever you go.


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