Real love –a difficult and rare entity

Real love is hard to find in a world which is embroiled in preserving its ego. Real love is something we do not a feeling. It is about loving much more than being loved. But to be genuinely loving requires a lot of personal growth and inner rewiring on our part. It takes concerted effort.  For this one has to overcome some fairly daunting default wiring that focuses each one of us more on the quality and amount of what we are receiving than on the quality and frequency of what we are giving.

Overcoming self-preserving tendencies

Real love demands us to work on ourselves and rewire certain parts of ourselves that may seem very much at ease and comforting. It means we have to grow in a certain direction. We cannot be the same person who we used to be. It requires us to overcome our own laziness, irrational fears, tendency to get bored easily and be impulsive.  Any thought of a new idea sends us off the balance in our lives. Thinking widely, honestly and deeply is not something that most of us want to do, let alone embrace.

How many of us are willing to walk that extra mile? Can we think about love more than just ‘What’s in it for me?’ and quid pro quo.


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