An inspiring thought

What is the aim of life? Life has no other aim than life itself. Wow that sounds good and less pressurizing for all of us, isn’t it? Osho, the great spiritual leader said that when you live in totality, enjoy the moment then you are living. All our religions teach us the wrong things. They tell us to worship dead people (all gods are expired ones). Now if you worship someone who is dead, aren’t you worshipping the past? A thought-provoking question indeed. Why does the living worship dead? You don’t trust a person who is living to be a saint. This is because living beings are prone to be sinners as well. They change on the spur of the moment. The dead don’t have life, so you believe them.

Religions of this world ask to worship Lord Jesus or Allah or Krishna. Now have you seen them? No of course not. Then why don’t you worship life? You have seen life. Life is God. You can deny the existence of God but not life.

Who said celebrating, dancing are not saintly qualities? Saints must be pure, perfect and meditate all the time? Is that living? What makes us think that toiling day and night to achieve something which is going to slip out of our hands one day is the purpose of life? Our religions have never told us that life in itself is the aim of all efforts and endeavours. If they had, then nobody would be in conflict. Life would be so easy. Animals, trees don’t have any religion. The only religion they have is life. When birds fly in the sky, they don’t leave any footprints. That is how the world of life and consciousness has to be. when we live deeply, sincerely and honestly, we too don’t leave any footprints.


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