Stone Age Facebook takes the cake

Prehistoric  facebook ? Surprised and shocked.. Are you wondering how facebook can exist in the ancient times without any technological development?

Social communication in prehistoric age was much more meaningful and purposeful than in the contemporary scenario.

The purpose of social communication is not about blowing one’s trumpet but rather it is about communicating information that would be mutually beneficial to both the parties. Facebook users have stuck to superficial communication.

These days the Facebook updates are full of canned phrases like ‘had been to fuga mall for buffet’, ‘had a blast on New Year’s Eve’. But what about the social networking sites in the Bronze age?


 Prehistoric era saw the usage of rocks as a platform for social communication. The tribes used to inscribe their thoughts to be conveyed on the rocks so that the passers-by could receive the important messages. 

 No one would have witnessed internet during the ancient times but the social communication achieved its goal of keeping the conversations relevant to the welfare of the general public. But Facebook in our era, has only distorted the purpose of social communication. One gets to learn only the trivial and over-played personal matters in someone else’s life. Such kind of information is of no use nor is it beneficial to the communicator as well. 



Yes you heard it right! Our prehistoric ancestors too had resorted to social networking but not through Face book wall updates and comments. They used Granite rocks like that of Zalavruga and Namforsen found in Russia and Sweden respectively. These rocks were the size of a football field. The nomadic tribes used the rocks as an interface instead of a computer screen for sharing hunting and survival tips.   

  Social networking sites are supposed to improve people’s life and help them live better. These prehistoric sites did just that!  The contemporary ones are more or less a facade as the focus is on glamorizing oneself. 


One can see a striking similarity yet a remarkable difference between the prehistoric and contemporary modes of participation in a social circle.

The nomadic age comments used were in the form of artistic images that aided communication between different packs of hunters across centuries. A nomadic clan in the prehistoric age would scrawl an animal figure on a rock and pass by. Another huntsman would draw a weapon that can used to hunt the particular animal.

 So now one must really think; were the nomads really uncivilized?

Weren’t their idea of socializing much more fruitful?




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