public speaking tips



INTRODUCTION —- Importance of public speaking with an example from the play Julius Caesar, quotes from significant personalities…..

“Friends, Romans and countrymen, Lend me your ears…” 


IS PUBLIC SPEAKING ALL-PERVASIVE? ——- Absolutely, one need not be a speaker on stage; it includes the mundane yet requisite conversations of everyday life.


KEY POINTS TO BE AN EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEAKER—— Traits like confidence, sufficient subject knowledge, body language, gestures, spontaneity coupled with preparation etc.


PRACTICE SMARTLY—- Don’t memorize, remember is a better word, understand your subject and then speak, incase asked to deliver impromptu speeches then visualize yourself giving a speech (creative visualization) and be genuine


FOCUS ON VOICE—-Modulation, inflection, pitch, tone


FOCUS ON LANGUAGE—- Vocabulary, command over language, thought flow


CONCLUSION—- Video of a good public speaker, emphasis on the vital points covered



  • What kind of public speaker do you want to be?


  • Is it a motivational one, dull or convincing?


  • How can you improve?


  • Do you have inhibitions? If yes, what are they?


  • What is my strongest asset as a public speaker, how can I enhance it?


  • What is weakest node? How can I overcome it?


  • Can I replace my weak points with the strong ones by a shift of perspective?



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