Love idealized in movies

Love is the greatest realization and I believe it is you… Shakespeare puts it across in one of his poems. All of us have this insatiable desire to be loved and find our true love. Hold on!! It is overrated and movies make it worse. Beware of getting your hopes high after watching your favourite actor propose to his girl in the film.  Movies engender false hopes of love in us. Real life is not so rosy. In films you might have noticed how long lost love comes back to the person and things fall into place. This is so far fetched from reality in most cases. One finds that if a person walks out of your life he is likely to never come back. Reality bites us with the truth.

There is nothing wrong in harbouring hopes of finding the perfect love which is going to enrich your life. Yet one must always be prepared of being let down as well. Sorry it is not pessimism. It is called being practical and realistic. You may have loved a guy whole-heartedly but he did not value it. If it were in a movie, the guy would come back after few months or years and say sorry to the girl and promise to love her more than ever. He would tell her things like he was not in his right sense that is why he hurt her. It happens only in movies. Why would you live under a false hope of finding that guy who once hurt you to come and apologize to you?

In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, SRK says that love is friendship. Now, this will light that spark in you and make you fall for your best guy buddy. But that need not be love. Sometimes movies make us believe in silly things. If love was really friendship, then why is everyone finding it difficult to locate it? Don’t all of us have best friends amongst the opposite sex? Then if pyar is dosti where is the problem? This is because real love life is different from reel love life. Many of us would prefer to keep friendship apart from love. Love in real life involves a lot more complications. Not every girl is lucky like Kajol in the film to get back her college love.

I will give my life for you. You are the one whom I have been looking for so long…Oh, please… Are our lives so faltu that we can reward it to someone even if we crazily love that person? Movies are playing havoc with our mind when it comes to love.

In Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, Deepika turned out be lucky to meet Ranbir after so many years and her feelings for him remained unchanged. They happily got back in time and fell in love conveniently. Love is never a convenience in real life. Over a period of time, we tend to fall out of love. Out of sight is out of mind. But in our great Hindi movies, we see that love remains eternal even if the couple does not see each other for decades. That is asking for too much in reality.


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