Threat to Bengaluru lakes

The lakes in Bangalore could have been a giant Mughal garden of yore but alas because of the pollution they have become cesspools of turbid water. Rapacious politicians, avaricious builders’ lobby, land hungry mafia and bureaucrats have connived to deprive people of these water bodies.

Land sharks posing threat to lakes in Bangalore is not new. But did you know that official quarters too are a grave threat to the beautiful lakes in the city? In 2002, the Lake Development Authority (LDA) handed over four important lakes to private corporations including Biota and Lumbini on 15 year extendable leases. The private companies have turned the lakes into commercialized spaces such as theme parks. Parasitical bodies such as LDA actually mask the reality of privatization of natural resources. The authority is a toothless body which is not empowered to protect the lake from encroachment.


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