New year thought

The year is coming to an end. Have you achieved all your new year resolutions that you had made for 2013 ? Yes, please think over that before you make resolutions for the upcoming year.  New year heralds change in life and it asks for you to make changes in yourself before you embrace the outer change. Try making an easy resolution like thanking God for each day when you get up in the morning and not let anything bow down your spirits. Resolutions are prone to be broken so go easy on yourself and don’t push yourself too hard.

Don’t make promises to yourself which you know you will never live upto them. It is better not to make any resolutions than to make some and go back on them. Maybe you can a make resolutions like forgiving yourself and others in your past lest you want to carry the pain on. Another tip is that you can tell yourself that you will literally live each day and not treat everyday as mundane waiting for the next day to come.

Also, you can promise yourself that even when grudges overpower you, just let it be simply because you are a human being with normal emotions. You are not an enlightened soul so why try to be. Yes, you can strive to be enlightened and blissful but remember those are ideal states. So make your resolutions lenient and not too demanding. Lighting up someone’s life everyday is a thought. But you are not a philanthropist nor Mother Teresa, so give yourself a break. You can only light somebody else’s life only if you are lit from within.


The idea is not to make overbearing new year resolutions which put pressure on you, rather it is to take an oath to enjoy the year and accept it whole heartedly for whatever it has in store for you.


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