Being exploited is masochistic

Why do people get exploited ? This is because they are masochists.
Yes, if you do not love being exploited why would anyone treat you so filthy?
If someone abuses you it is because you invited it upon yourself. Yes it is hard to accept this but once you do, you will recognize the pattern and gain control over avoiding exploitative situations in life.

Look at domestic abuse for instance, if a wife refuses to be thrashed by her husband, he would not dare to raise a hand on her. The first time she gets a slap from him, she gives it back in the form of a punch, then will he dare to touch her next time ? If you cannot raise a voice and stand up for yourself, you will be exploited all your life. Here exploitation need not be only physical abuse or someone taking advantage of you, it also includes situations which make you feel claustrophobic


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